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Expert RV Maintenance & Repair Services in Denton, TX

When ensuring the longevity and performance of your recreational vehicle, our comprehensive RV maintenance & RV repair services have you covered. From RV collision repair to meticulous RV paint restoration, our skilled technicians are dedicated to returning your RV to its optimal condition. We understand the importance of a well-maintained RV for your travel experiences, and our expert team specializes in RV electrical diagnostics to identify and address electrical issues that may arise during your adventures. Our commitment extends to thorough RV roof inspections, ensuring your RV is protected from the elements. If we detect any problems, our RV roof repair services are prompt and practical, ensuring your travels remain seamless and worry-free.
RV Roof Inspections Denton TX
RV Roof Inspections Denton TX

Providing Care Beyond Repair: Your RV’s Safe Haven

Our History

Established in 2021, The Shop RV & Collision Repair emerged from a passion for RVing and a dedication to superior service. Founded by Jeff Parkerson, a Marine and LEO veteran, the journey began with a quest for reliable RV maintenance.

Frustrated by the scarcity of dependable repair options, Jeff envisioned a haven for RV owners. Today, The Shop is a testament to unwavering commitment, offering top-tier repairs and upgrades and the promise of excellence on every road.

Why Choose Us?

Choose The Shop RV & Collision Repair for unmatched RV care. With a commitment to excellence, our veteran-led team delivers quality repairs, upgrades, and personalized service. Trust us for a smooth journey on the road less traveled.

Customer-Centric Excellence: Your RV's needs are at the heart of our approach.

Veteran-Led Precision: Every repair, upgrade, and service is handled with military precision.

Comprehensive Solutions: We go beyond repairs to enhance your entire RV experience.

Quality Assurance: Your trust is our priority; expect top-notch craftsmanship at every turn.

Efficiency in Every Detail: Experience a seamless and swift RV service from scheduling to completion.

At The Shop RV and Collision Repair, RV owners can rely on our professionalism and RV repair and maintenance expertise. Whether routine check-ups or addressing specific concerns, our team is equipped to handle all aspects of RV care. We take pride in offering comprehensive solutions, ensuring your RV is aesthetically pleasing with our RV paint restoration services and functioning at its best through meticulous RV electrical diagnostics. Trust us with your RV’s well-being, and experience worry-free journeys knowing that you’ve invested in top-notch RV maintenance & RV repair services in Denton, TX.

What We Do

Get comprehensive RV repairs, upgrades, and services with veteran precision, ensuring your journey is smooth and worry-free.

RV Repair Service Denton TX

RV Repair

Get swift, reliable repairs to restore your RV after unexpected accidents or for regular maintenance and repair needs.

RV Paint Restoration Denton TX

RV Paint and Body Repair

Explore precision craftsmanship, transforming your RV with quality paint and bodywork.

RV Collision Repair Denton TX

RV Restoration

Revitalize your RV with expert restoration services, transforming it into a comfortable and stylish travel haven.

RV Maintenance Denton TX

RV Oil Change for Diesel and Gas

Get efficient oil changes to keep your RV engine running smoothly.

RV Roof Repair Denton TX

RV Roof Repair and Replacing

Find comprehensive solutions to protect and renew your RV roof.

RV Electrical Diagnostic Denton TX

RV Electrical Diagnostics

Reach out for expert troubleshooting for a reliable and safe RV electrical system.

RV Body Painting Service Denton TX

RV Body Painting

Elevate your RV’s aesthetics with precision body painting and personalized design.

RV Pre-Purchase Inspections Denton TX

RV Pre-Purchase Inspections

Get thorough assessments for informed decisions on purchasing a used RV.


MK Sherwood
MK Sherwood
Ryan and his crew are both professional and skilled. They have done several jobs for me and all of them have been over-the-top successful.
Sem Visser
Sem Visser
Bring your RV to Jeff and his team for whatever upkeep it needs. We tested mobile technology for years with little real results. They were able to get us in and out quickly and can do any RV-related task you ask of them.
Lionel Copeland
Lionel Copeland
My hopes were exceeded by The Shop RV Repair. Every repair demonstrates the team's commitment to providing high-quality results. They excel at both communication and execution. This is the location to visit if you're looking for trustworthy RV repairs. Later on, your RV will thank you!
Greg Stern
Greg Stern
Used The Shop for some repairs and body work. Perfect results. Could not be more pleased with the work they did.
Mark Cunningham
Mark Cunningham
The shop takes care of the maintenance on the Nexus Wraith 34W that we rented for two weeks. They were quick to respond and extremely helpful.
If you are in need of any RV maintenance make sure and bring it to Jeff and his team. We tried mobile techs for years with very bad luck. They can handle any job you need for your RV and got us in and out in a few days.
Heather Parkerson
Heather Parkerson
We use The Shop for all of our RV Rentals. We're able to get in really fast compared to other shops in the area.
April Riggs
April Riggs
I was impressed with their attention to detail and the price was very fair. Will use them again.
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